12/06/18   Angelica Chow
Cultivating inclusivity in the work environment: Starting with women!

How can we can continue to build a supportive and inclusive culture within the company and our communities?
Design Strategist Jennie Evans Joins Mazzetti to Lead Business Development

Mazzetti proudly welcomes Jennie Evans, RN, MBA, as the Director of Business Development.
Employee Spotlight: Healthcare Technology Consultant Christena Fournier

Meet Healthcare Technology Consultant Christena Fournier...
Employee Spotlight: Healthcare Technology Consultant Kristen Hogan

Healthcare Lighting Design Expert Lauren Schwade Joins Mazzetti

Meet Lauren Schwade – Mazzetti’s newest Senior Lighting Designer, with a 12+ year career, heavily focused in healthcare lighting design.
7/18/18   Jennie Evans
How to Win Friends and Influence Your Success

Business development is about building relationships, taking interest and listening to others, and asking people about their needs and wants. So we did ask: “What are you looking for from your MEP engineer and Medical Equipment team?”
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