Mazzetti Board of Directors

As an employee-owned Benefit Corporation, Mazzetti is governed by a Board of Directors, providing governance in the best interest of all Mazzetti stakeholders (starting with our employees) in alignment with our ‘M’ brand. We are incredibly honored to have this particular board, bringing diverse expertise, passion, and leadership. Meet our directors…

Ann MacDougall, Chairman is a dynamic leader renowned for her profound global insight in business strategy, management, law, and impact investing. With over 15 years serving on both public and private boards, her career is distinguished by her role as Co-Founder/CEO of The Dunollie Fund. Her expertise extends to strategic insight, talent development, and M&A, having notably contributed to the leadership teams of PwC as US General Counsel and Acumen Fund as COO. She has also significantly shaped the trajectory of entities like, where she championed second-act careers for societal benefit, and Opiant Pharmaceuticals, Inc., guiding critical committees and steering towards a successful acquisition by Indivior Pharmaceuticals. Additionally, her advisory roles span across cutting-edge biotechnical and strategic asset firms, alongside meaningful non-profit participation with Strong Minds and Equality Now. An alumna of Brooklyn Law School and Tufts University, with specialized ESG certification and a Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative fellowship, Ann’s life reflects a commitment to leveraging expertise for global good. 

Donna Deckard, Chairman Emeritus With a storied career spanning over three decades, Donna Deckard serves as a pivotal consultant to The Center for Health Design (CHD), guiding the expansion and recognition of the Evidence-based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC) program. Under her strategic leadership, the program has gained wide acceptance across premier architectural firms globally, marking a significant milestone in her career. Donna orchestrates the Built Environment Network, fostering executive dialogue to shape the future of built environments. Her vast healthcare expertise is rooted in executive roles at Kaiser Permanente and contributions to significant industry texts, including a co-authorship on software implementation strategies in healthcare. Donna earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Northern Colorado and master’s degree in public and health administration from the University of Colorado, solidifying her expertise in both healthcare leadership and operations. 

Durell Coleman Founder and CEO of DC Design, Durell Coleman leverages his robust background in mechanical, civil, and environmental engineering to drive societal change. A distinguished Stanford University alumnus, with degrees in mechanical engineering and sustainable design, Durell’s work includes redesigning foster care systems, spearheading criminal justice reform efforts, and innovating healthcare service models. His teaching endeavors at Stanford encompass design thinking aimed at solving real-world challenges, from refugee camp issues to educational and corporate leadership enhancement. Recognized for his expertise in Multi-Stakeholder Human-Centered Design, Durell is also the creative mind behind the award-winning STEM program, Design the Future, and a Jefferson Award for Public Service laureate, celebrating his extensive social impact work. 

John Pappas, PE, LEED AP brings over four decades of unparalleled expertise in mechanical design to his work, with significant projects that span the healthcare industry. His broad experience includes master planning for major medical centers and leading designs for billion-dollar healthcare projects. Recently, John played a critical role in the UCSF Parnassus Heights New Hospital, a testimony to his capacity to manage large-scale, high-value projects efficiently. His tenure at Mazzetti has seen him contributing to multiple renovations and new projects, with his innovative approaches often leading to energy-saving solutions across several industries. John’s blend of practical construction experience and design innovation results in projects that deliver both functionality and cost-effectiveness. 


Jon Inman, PE, LEED AP Jon Inman stands as a testament to innovative engineering within the healthcare sector, with a rich career spanning over 28 years. At Mazzetti, Jon excels in project design, coordination, and construction administration, focusing on enhancing healthcare and educational environments. His key contributions include supporting master planning for academic medical centers and championing integrated project delivery methods across various building projects. Serving as the Engineering Practice Leader, Jon dedicates himself to delivering superior engineering solutions. His commitment extends beyond professional pursuits as he leads the Northern California chapter of the Association for Medical Facilities Professionals (AMFP), underlining his role as a thought leader in creating functional, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. 

Tuan Tran With over 15 years at Mazzetti, Tuan Tran stands at the forefront of electrical design innovation. Since 2008, his expertise has been pivotal in the conceptualization, design, and execution of comprehensive electrical systems, power distribution, and customized lighting solutions across a multitude of architectural landscapes. Proficient in project management, Tuan exemplifies excellent communication skills, orchestrating projects with precision from kickoff to construction. His expertise in electrical systems assessment, coupled with an unwavering commitment to integrating energy-efficient solutions, underscores his role in creating sustainable and safe environments. Notably leading the electrical design for Oregon’s Kaiser Westside Medical Center, Tuan continues to contribute to landmark projects in the Pacific Northwest, translating complex electrical theory into tangible innovations that power our communities.  

Christina Vernon Sanborn has established a distinguished 20-year career by merging architecture with sustainability to foster healthier communities. At Mazzetti, she leverages her expertise as a licensed architect and decarbonization strategist to guide clients along their sustainability journeys, setting benchmarks and formulating actionable pathways to achieve their carbon neutrality aspirations. A vanguard for positive leadership, Christina’s influence extends beyond technical proficiency, nurturing equity and inclusion across all spheres of her work. Her tenure as the Director of Sustainability at The Cleveland Clinic epitomizes her capacity to enact change, spearheading the establishment of a farmer’s market system that not only championed local produce but also underscored a commitment to sustainable community nourishment. Christina’s visionary approach doesn’t just address the challenges of today but paves the way for future generations to inherit a more sustainable and inclusive world. 

Jim Crabb, PE, LEED AP With expertise exceeding three decades in mechanical engineering, Jim Crabb has been at the forefront of pioneering sustainable mechanical systems within healthcare. His leadership flourished at PerryCrabb before its integration with Mazzetti in January 2018, where as president, Jim led his team towards innovative excellence for nearly 15 years. Accredited by the US Green Building Council and holding distinguished ASHRAE certifications such as HFDP and HBDP, Jim’s portfolio is underpinned by his commitment to sustainable engineering solutions. His leadership transcends designing Georgia’s first hospitals utilizing waste energy, earning LEED Gold certification for groundbreaking healthcare sustainability. Involved with both national and local healthcare engineering societies, and a notable contributor to the Facilities Guidelines Institute, Jim’s influence shapes the guidelines governing healthcare facility design. Through his engagement with the International Federation of Healthcare Engineers, Jim has recently been instrumental in designing COVID-19 facilities in Burkina Faso and Haiti, significantly impacting global health infrastructure. 

Eric Sweet, PE, CxA, LEED AP Spanning over two decades, Eric Sweet’s career in electrical engineering interfaces with diverse sectors, including healthcare, aviation, and critical mission facilities. Specializing in the design and commissioning of complex electrical systems, his work encapsulates a robust blend of technical expertise and pragmatic insight, ensuring operational reliability and sustainability achievements. Eric is a LEED Accredited Professional and Certified Commissioning Authority, underlining his expertise in advancing alternative energy solutions and facilitating owners in reaching their sustainability goals. He is proficient in the commissioning of intricate systems for critical environments, where functionality aligns with demanding standards. Eric’s involvement in innovative projects showcases his commitment to integrating sustainability into electrical design, demonstrating his significant role in shaping the infrastructure of tomorrow. Through his extensive experience, Eric not only contributes to the integrity of facilities but also their positive footprint on the environment and communities worldwide. 

Kevin Schlaht, President Emeritus of The Innova Group, LLC, epitomizes exceptional leadership and innovative vision in healthcare planning and sustainable design. Spanning nearly three decades at The Innova Group, Kevin ascended from President to President Emeritus, significantly impacting the firm’s strategies and portfolio. His career is distinguished by a committed tenure at Anderson DeBartolo Pan Inc. as Managing Director of the Health Care Studio and as a Project Manager with the US Army Health Facility Planning Agency. Kevin holds advanced degrees in Architecture and Business Administration from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, complemented by a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from North Dakota State University. His expertise in comprehensive planning, healthcare systems, and sustainable design underpins his contributions to the field. Through his career, Kevin has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to enhancing healthcare environments, a testament to his passion for creating spaces that foster healing and well-being. 

Ryan Stromquist, PE boasts over a decade of expertise in electrical engineering and lighting design, with an impressive portfolio that spans commercial, scientific, and laboratory projects. At the core of his work is a dedication to sustainable-building practices, focusing on energy-efficient and renewable energy solutions. Ryan excels in designing advanced electrical systems, standby power configurations, and innovative lighting and control setups, alongside low-voltage systems such as telecommunications and security infrastructure. His approach is marked by collaboration, creativity, and the pursuit of simplifying complex challenges, underscoring his commitment to the built environment’s integrity and functionality.

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