The world is dramatically changing around us… How our industry has operated the past 25 years will look dramatically different in the next 25 years. We feel strongly we must help catalyze change for the benefit of our clients, for us, for our greater ecosystem, and for future generations.

Our approach is truly consultative and collaborative, with a focus on the future. We speak up (to better your project). We ask questions (to better your project). We research and plan for the future (to better your project). We advocate and affect policy change (to better your project). We work with you (and together) to deliver a better project.

Regardless of project type or scope, from designing the MEPT of a new replacement hospital, to designing the lighting for an academic laboratory, to commissioning for a new facility, to “reimagining” a power paradigm, we seek to build better buildings and relationships. We strive to deliver an experience that leads to another. We’re in the “people” business. We find, by keeping people at the center of what we do, it leads to better outcomes for all.

Research & Policy

To be able to design buildings of the future, to be “the scalpel”, Mazzetti employees pro-actively serve on various code committees, and research initiatives. The codes they are working to adapt and write are positively changing the way the industry designs MEPT systems and the way in which healthcare providers provide care. Mazzetti’s staff has contributed tirelessly to the ASHE Sustainability committee, served on FGI (Facilities Guideline Institute) HGRC (Healthcare Guideline Revision Committee), ASHRAE Standard 170 Ventilation of Healthcare Facilities (Natural Ventilation Subcommittee, Clinical Subcommittee & HVAC Subcommittee) ASHRAE Standard 189.3P Standard for the Design, Construction and Operation of Sustainable High Performance Health Care Facilities, and ASHRAE 188P Standard for control of Legionellosis.


Most buildings are out of date the day they open. Mazzetti helps you, our clients, make forward-looking infrastructure investments with critical planning. We help you in the master planning-process, to better anticipate building needs and operations. We help you plan for resource constraints, prepare for disasters, and leverage new technologies. Through LEAN planning and process engineering, we help you improve operations and reduce waste. We help you assess facility and program needs, develop total project costs and ROI assessments, and analyze cash flow for both short and long-term planning.


Good research and planning only work if you can pay for these infrastructure investments. We help you understand creative ways to finance infrastructure investments. We conduct financial analyses and develop national financing strategies for hospitals and healthcare systems. We help you take advantage of the latest rebates and incentives from utility companies.We design creative financing solutions: power purchase agreements, performance-based compensation, carbon offset credits, and social impact investing.

Project Delivery

We deliver results. We want our doctors to heal us, not just to operate on us. In the same way, you want us to give you what YOU want. (Delivering a project that is on budget and on time is a given, not a differentiator.) So, it is imperative that we understand the question you are trying to answer, the problem you need solved, and the investment you are trying to make. We deliver results in the form of high-quality engineering and technology solutions to fit your needs.

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