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Bringing Together the "Right" People to Shape the Future of Emergency Care

Physicians, nurses, patient representatives, and architects will have the opportunity to learn from each other and collaboratively redesign the way we address key issues in the ED.
CEO Corner: Engineering a Culture of Entrepreneurism & Innovation

Fuel Cells for Healthcare Emergency Power

Micro-grids "trending," and our fuel cell knowledge base growing: How will this fit in with regulations?
7/12/18   Troy Savage
Future Childbirth Facilities - Ideating to Solving

Earlier this year, we hosted a workshop to “reimagine” childbirth facilities… Groups of childbirth clinicians (doctors, nurses midwives), architects, engineers, facility owners and others gathered in small groups to consider the optimal birth experience and how we might design processes and spaces to achieve this outcome.
Healthcare Facility Solutions Series: What the C-Suite Needs to Know About 'Energy Health'

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