Collaborative Innovation in Healthcare Engineering: Mazzetti’s Contribution to Global Health Emergencies

As a member of the IFHE, Mazzetti took the lead in coordinating teams of volunteers to respond swiftly to WHO's calls for assistance. This collaborative endeavor encompassed more than just teams; it represented a coming together of minds from various disciplines and geographies. The efforts of these volunteers went beyond 24 teams, spanning over 25 countries. This statistic underscores the global scale and influence of such collaborative initiatives. 
Rebuilding HOPE in Haiti to Combat Cholera: Hugh's Story

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of collaborating with our Sextant foundation, Project HOPE and Electricians Without Borders in a volunteer effort to build a Cholera Treatment Center in Haiti.
An Opportunity for Creativity and Human Connection a “World Away”

Building Capacity & HOPE to Combat Cholera in Haiti

Volunteers from Mazzetti and the Sextant Foundation worked with Project HOPE leadership to design a new Cholera Treatment Center for the public hospital in Miragoane.
Haiti's Urgent Need for HOPE Combating Cholera

Engineering HOPE in Haiti Post Hurricane Matthew

We were invited by Project HOPE to support them in assessing the needs for the state of Nippes in Haiti, especially as it relates to Cholera, and the possibility of a surge in cases following the recent Hurricane Matthew.
Our Rwandan Visitor: When you meet a kindred spirit, you know.

Energizing via Solar PV and the Human Spirit

World Hand Hygiene Day: Keep 'em clean!

Survival Despite All Odds: It Takes a Village, Literally

Clinica De Familia: How solar panels are producing community health.

DRC Trip Diary - Success & Gratitude

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