Healthcare Technology Consulting

Medical Equipment Planning

Our clients are burdened by the rapid shifts in technology—meeting current needs and anticipating future needs. Mazzetti’s Technology Division, Mazzetti+GBA (formerly GBA), includes a staff of professional Medical Equipment Planning Consultants, across the country, to ease this burden. We address current care needs, anticipate changing needs, and facilitate flexibility for that change.

How do our clients benefit?

  • Optimized value
  • Reduced overall costs
  • Realized outcomes for the best patient care

Our professionals draw upon clinical expertise, extensive product knowledge, problem solving skills, and experience in planning and implementing hundreds of successful projects across the country.

How are we different?

  • Deliver integrated approach with our IT/Technology planning
  • Span pre-design, design, construction documents through procurement, construction administration and equipment installation
  • Provide a spectrum of procurement services
  • Provide ongoing cost information to the Owner
  • Empower and synchronize the entire design project team (our partners) utilizing M+Partner, a custom, web-based application providing 24/7 access to the project’s progress, in real time, at no additional cost.

We’re committed to helping our clients create a facility that serves patients and staff now and into the future.

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