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Every project is focused on the future.

Rapid shifts in technology are occurring with increasing frequency across many clinical specialties in the complex industry we serve. Our medical equipment planning and consulting team considers not just current technologies available, but the trends, innovations, and emerging technologies that may impact the healthcare facility in the future.

Every project is different.

The greater the number of projects you work on, the better able you are to handle the variables that make each one unique. For over 30 years, our team has successfully consulted on medical equipment planning projects for healthcare facilities of all types and sizes, in all parts of the U.S., in every project delivery model, and with a wide range of differing needs and budgets. We have seen it all, and we have navigated every kind of challenge you can imagine on a project. That depth of shared knowledge and experience provides real value.

Every project team is different.

We believe expertise, collaboration, and transparency are important in building trust and producing a quality project.  Our medical equipment project managers bring a combination of in-depth product knowledge, extensive nation-wide experience, and clinical backgrounds to the project team. We have in-house BIM specialists dedicated to the development of medical equipment placement models.  Our M+Partner Application facilitates and enables robust collaboration and coordination across the entire design team. The Owner and Design Team are able to quickly access project information—including cut sheets, snapshots of the Revit model, change reports, and a procurement dashboard — from any web-enabled device.

Our team of medical equipment consultants, project coordinators, and equipment-dedicated BIM specialists work collaboratively with the owner, design team, and contractor to achieve project goals.  Mazzetti+GBA’s medical equipment planning services include:

  • Master Planning and Capital Equipment Strategic Planning
  • Certificate of Need Cost Estimates
  • Medical Equipment Consulting and Planning during Architectural Design and Construction phases
  • Construction Project Management
  • Medical Equipment Procurement, Equipment Delivery and Installation Coordination
  • Warehousing and Relocation Oversight and Coordination

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