Welcome Lydia Simpson


We are thrilled to announce that Lydia Simpson has officially joined the Mazzetti team as our newest Lighting Designer. Lydia’s journey with us began as an intern, and we are delighted to see her flourish into a key member of our design family.

Lydia recently graduated from Parson’s School of Design, where she completed her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Architectural and Lighting Design. Her invaluable experience and expertise make her an exceptional addition to our team. Additionally, we are pleased to share that Lydia will be representing Mazzetti at the upcoming National IES Conference, where she has been invited to present her award winning thesis on the topic of “Shining a Light on Migraines: Effects of Spectral Power Distribution on Migraine-Related Photophobia.”

Lydia’s presentation explores the impact of different spectral distributions of green light on the discomfort threshold of participants with and without migraines. By investigating the spectrum between blue and red wavelengths, she aims to identify the point at which green light transitions from being therapeutic to bothersome for individuals experiencing migraine-related photophobia. This research promises to shed new light on an important aspect of migraine management and may lead to more effective lighting solutions in various environments.

We are extremely proud of Lydia’s accomplishments and are confident that her dedication to research and innovative design thinking will greatly benefit our clients and the industry as a whole. Her passion for creating environments that promote well-being aligns perfectly with Mazzetti’s commitment to designing sustainable and human-centric spaces.

If you are attending the National IES Conference, we encourage you to attend Lydia’s presentation (Friday, August 4th at 3:30pm CST) “Shining a Light on Migraines,” and gain valuable insights into this crucial topic.

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