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Because light is integral to the design experience, Mazzetti’s in-house Lighting Design Studio is committed to providing clients with the framework needed to optimize the visual quality of the built environment. Led by Brennan Schumacher, the Lighting Design Studio experts collaborate with clients through each stage of the lighting design process. From the establishment of budgets and performance criteria to evaluating specific metrics or outlining maintenance, our dedicated team works closely with you to develop comprehensive solutions, enriching the lighting systems in your space.

A balance of artistry and engineering

Through integrated analysis, modeling, and design, our lighting consulting experts deliver artful solutions that are technically advanced and environmentally responsible. We work alongside our clients and partners to create superior architectural and healthcare lighting designs that:

  • Integrate seamlessly with mechanical, electrical, and technology systems.
  • Utilize the latest equipment, technologies, and controls.
  • Serve a project’s unique standards and requirements.
  • Maximize the aesthetic qualities and functional needs of a space.
  • Deliver optimal performance for specific climate conditions.
  • Masterfully blend electric lighting and daylighting.
  • Promote the health and well-being of those who use the space.
  • Achieve maximum energy efficiency.
  • Are affordable, adaptable, long-lived, and easy to maintain.

Our Mazzetti team is sincerely passionate about sustainable design, and our portfolio proves it — AIA Committee on the Environment Top Ten Green Building awards, Living Building Challenge certifications, Net Zero Energy certifications, LEED Platinum certifications, and more.

We take pride in turning off the lights.

Health and well-being is proven to improve with exposure to daylight – students perform better, patients heal more quickly, and we all sleep better at night!
Knowing this, we integrate all daylighting potential before we turn to electric lighting, providing solutions that:

  • Provide the most efficient source from a heat-to-light ratio and cost perspective.
  • Reduce energy consumption.
  • Minimize solar heat gain.
  • Enhance the architectural design.
  • Optimize Circadian Stimulus.
  • Promote biophilic response.

Improved healthcare outcomes through lighting design.

Lauren Schwade is Mazzetti’s healthcare lighting design expert. Under her direction, our team ensures the widely varied needs of the patient, family, and staff are effectively met, while the environment is fully conducive to health and healing. Our lighting design consulting solutions ensure 100% control in all spaces, integrating equipment and manual/automated controls systems that successfully:

  • Improve security and task accuracy while minimizing patient disruption via uniform LED illumination (using low glare, task, ambient and accent luminaires).
  • Utilize high color rendering LED white light sources and color changing white light in designed color temperature ranges to maximize range of vision and circadian stimulus.
  • Provide controlled access to daylight using integrated time, vacancy, and shade controls.
  • Serve unique patient needs, such as diminished visual capacity or the sensitivity of those recovering from procedures.
  • Utilize current technologies that optimize system flexibility, adaptability, energy efficiency, longevity, and maintenance.

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