Mazzetti's Dedication to Lighting Efficiency: A Look Inside

The lighting in a space transcends its primary function of illumination – it shapes experiences, invokes emotions, and can be a significant sustainability element. Missoula Public Library is a testament to this.
Mazzetti Spearheads the Largest Renewable Energy Microgrid in the U.S., Connected to a Hospital Emergency System

Mazzetti is helping transform healthcare infrastructure through renewable energy, working in partnership with Valley Children’s Healthcare.  
Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Can Supercharge Hospital Renewable Energy Initiatives

Mazzetti is Bending the Climate Curve

As a Benefit Corporation, we are accountable to driving a public benefit to better society and our physical environment. As a Benefit Corporation, our public benefit should equate to our overall mission. At the end of last year, we resolved this disconnect. Mazzetti’s mission/benefit is, officially, BENDING THE CLIMATE CURVE™ 
Give Your Climate Resilience Plan a Strong Backbone

There are key differences in developing a climate resiliency plan versus traditional emergency management and hazard mitigation planning. The most important difference is that the frame of reference becomes future oriented.
Greenhouse Gas Inventories: What Healthcare Organizations Should Know

Inventorying GHG emissions for a healthcare system is a complex and challenging process. Yet understanding the volume of your organization’s GHG emissions is key to developing effective mitigation strategies. Done well, these mitigation strategies benefit your organization in multiple ways. Shrinking your carbon footprint, lowering energy costs, and releasing fewer pollutants into your local communities can help your organization improve its sustainability and potentially reduce the cost of care.
Mazzetti joins Biden Administration pledge to decarbonize health care sector, make facilities resilient to climate change

Mazzetti, a global Healthcare Engineering & Consulting firm, was celebrated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) at the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) on November 10, 2022 for pledging ongoing action to decarbonize the health care sector and make health care facilities more resilient to the effects of climate change.
How to be Resilient in a World of Creeping Climate Change

Many healthcare systems are aware they need to think about the impact of a changing climate on their ability to deliver effective health services. This awareness likely stems from the increasing frequency and severity of climate change-driven disasters. These disasters have included year-round wildfires, increasingly intense rain events and flooding, unseasonable freezes and record-setting heat.
What Healthcare Organizations Need to Know About the IRA to Leverage Financial Incentives

The Inflation Reduction Act was developed in reaction to exponential rises in the cost of energy, global impacts of climate change, and a growing need for the federal government to ease these economic burdens on American's. This bill incentivizes emissions reductions by providing tax credits accessible by private citizens, local municipalities, large corporations, and disadvantaged communities to produce clean power, increase climate resiliency, and modernize existing infrastructure.
Five Things Healthcare Business Executives Should Know About ESG

It’s imperative for healthcare organizations to lead on climate change action; here’s a primer on what to do now.
The Imperative for Healthcare to Combat our Climate Crisis

Healthcare leaders are increasingly recognizing the responsibility of the industry to respond to this crisis. In the world of design, we say that “form follows function”...
Walt Vernon honored at Healthcare Design's HCD 10 Awards

On this 10th anniversary of Healthcare Design’s HCD 10 Awards, we’re honored for Walt Vernon, Mazzetti CEO, to be listed among these industry standouts in the ‘Building Professional’ category.
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