Creating Healthier, Enduring Environments

Create healthier, enduring environments

Earn Trust – Team First – Inspire

Bending the climate curve

Proud to be an Employee-Owned Benefit Corporation

Mazzetti is an employee-owned Benefit Corporation, committed to creating healthier, enduring environments.

Healthier = Healthy for both occupants and the environment; the ‘ier’ reflects our relentless drive to do better than yesterday.

Enduring = Relevant, resilient, adaptable into the future. Something that lasts!

Though our story began with a small team of MEP engineers, almost 60 years later, we’ve grown to 200+ people, in locations across the U.S. (and India) with diverse expertise addressing the spectrum of client needs in the built environment. Mazzetti consultants deliver world-class MEP engineering and technology solutions, rooted in local culture. We aid clients in the planning, designing, optimizing, equipping, illuminating, sustaining, even “reimagining” of environments, as appropriate.

‘M’pact & Meaningful Work

The spirit of Mazzetti is to seek and deliver meaningful work. We intentionally work predominately in the Healthcare industry, notorious for its energy-intensive, highly complex, highly regulated buildings, AND highly impactful relationship with communities. This is our calling. This is where we deliver the greatest lasting, positive impact, which spans 20 countries around the globe.

This impact is a result of the Mazzetti people—we truly care about making the world a better place. We care about our diverse colleagues. We care about our communities. We care about our work yielding a positive, lasting impact.

Towards this, we strive to deeply listen and empathize. We strive to catalyze (and embrace) change (for better outcomes). We strive to focus on what we can do. We strive to always: earn trust, put team first, and INSPIRE.

Prioritizing Diversity Equity Inclusion

Our culture is founded on openness, trust, and collaboration. We intentionally choose diversity as a reflection of our values as a Benefit Corporation and to advance innovation for our clients and the industry. We intentionally work towards cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce, embracing diversity in thinking, beliefs, and physical backgrounds.

In 2020, Mazzetti’s first Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee was born. Our focus areas for action include:

Awareness and Education – how to be good allies, understand other’s perspectives, listen to learn, and speak up

Outreach and Pipeline – where we build new partnerships, offer internships, recruit and hire

Equity and Inclusivity – how we create equitable opportunities for our people and inclusive environments for all

As of 2021, nearly 40% of our staff are women, of which, 60% are women in technical roles; 21% of our staff are minorities, of which, 92% are minorities in technical roles; management staff is comprised of 22% women and 11% veterans.

Mazzetti has an active ‘Women @ Mazzetti’ (W@M) community, dedicated to ensuring Mazzetti is the most female-friendly engineering & technology consulting firm. Women account for less than one-third of the total employed in STEM industries, and 30% of women who have left the engineering profession cite organizational climate as the reason. We are working to change this narrative for women at Mazzetti and our industry at large.

Looking Ahead

The world is dramatically changing around us… How our industry has operated the past 25 years will look dramatically different in the next 25 years. And, yes, unknowns are a given. However, we’re optimistic and humbled to take responsibility in shaping the next 25 years… We’re open. We’re hungry. We’re poised and ready to create the future with you.

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