The A, B, Cs of Inclusivity at Mazzetti 

At Mazzetti, we believe that everyone should have the same opportunities to thrive and succeed. We are dedicated to increasing LGBTQ+ awareness and cultivating opportunities through education, advocacy, and community engagement.
Valley Children’s Energy Resilience and Environmental Strategy

What started as a quest for improving aging energy infrastructure and overall operational resilience, evolved to an opportunity to become the first net-zero pediatric hospital campus in the country and largest renewable energy microgrid for a hospital emergency system in the country.
Striving to Become the First Net-Zero Pediatric Hospital in the Country

Striving to become the first net-zero pediatric hospital campus in the country, Valley Children’s Healthcare is launching a revolutionary energy resilience and environmental strategy. Upon completion, Valley Children’s will achieve net-zero carbon emissions and operate the largest pediatric healthcare-based renewable energy microgrid in the country.
Mazzetti is Bending the Climate Curve

As a Benefit Corporation, we are accountable to driving a public benefit to better society and our physical environment. As a Benefit Corporation, our public benefit should equate to our overall mission. At the end of last year, we resolved this disconnect. Mazzetti’s mission/benefit is, officially, BENDING THE CLIMATE CURVE™ 
Give Your Climate Resilience Plan a Strong Backbone

There are key differences in developing a climate resiliency plan versus traditional emergency management and hazard mitigation planning. The most important difference is that the frame of reference becomes future oriented.
Women@Mazzetti Spotlight: LaDonna Ford

The Women@Mazzetti committee sat down in December to reflect on 2022 and where we want to go in 2023. We started by updating our committee mission statement to better align with our current efforts.
Women@Mazzetti Spotlight: Jess Hamann

At the beginning of August, our total of women at Mazzetti was 43.2%! We are steadily inching towards our goal of having equal numbers of men and women within the company and being the most women friendly engineering firm in the world. This month, we’re excited to put the W@M spotlight on the incredible female interns (some of which are now full-time hires!) that we’ve had working at Mazzetti this summer.
Mazzetti Welcomes Life Sciences Sector Leader to Bolster Growth

Design engineer and business builder, Terry Stelter joins Mazzetti as a Principal to lead the growth of our Life Sciences portfolio across all disciplines. He brings a breadth of industry facility type knowledge, including R&D laboratories, pilot plants, commercial manufacturing, vivaria, and supply chain facilities.
Greenhouse Gas Inventories: What Healthcare Organizations Should Know

Inventorying GHG emissions for a healthcare system is a complex and challenging process. Yet understanding the volume of your organization’s GHG emissions is key to developing effective mitigation strategies. Done well, these mitigation strategies benefit your organization in multiple ways. Shrinking your carbon footprint, lowering energy costs, and releasing fewer pollutants into your local communities can help your organization improve its sustainability and potentially reduce the cost of care.
ASHRAE Publishes "First of its Kind" Risk Mitigation of Infectious Aerosols

Infectious Aerosols is a public interest issue and the magnitude of risk from aerosolized pathogens has become increasingly obvious, especially during the COVID crisis. These risks are particularly elevated in enclosed buildings. Public-health officials, policymakers, building owners, designers, and members of the public all need accurate, reliable guidance for appropriate ways to mitigate the risk from these pathogens.
Mazzetti joins Biden Administration pledge to decarbonize health care sector, make facilities resilient to climate change

Mazzetti, a global Healthcare Engineering & Consulting firm, was celebrated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) at the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) on November 10, 2022 for pledging ongoing action to decarbonize the health care sector and make health care facilities more resilient to the effects of climate change.
Meet Mazzetti's New Senior Project Manager, James Woods, PE

Meet Mazzetti’s newest Senior Project Manager, James Woods. James‘ experience includes project management, mechanical systems design, and energy and sustainability consulting. He specializes in the design of low impact buildings for a variety of market sectors including commercial, arts and culture, aviation, education, hospitality, and life sciences. Formerly at Glumac, James joins Mazzetti as an Associate Principal, located in Portland, OR, serving clients nationwide.
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