Engineers Week 2024 Spotlight: Rob Hume, PE


At Mazzetti, we’re thrilled to commemorate an occasion that’s close to our hearts and fundamental to our mission: “Welcome to the Future”. Engineer’s Week isn’t just about recognizing today’s incredible achievements in engineering; it’s about looking forward to a future that’s brighter, more innovative, more sustainable, and more diverse than ever before.

In the spirit of paving new paths and inspiring the next generation of engineers, we’re dedicating each day of Engineer’s Week to showcase our own remarkable engineers. Their passion, dedication, and innovation drive the people at Mazzetti, shaping not only the present but also propelling us toward a future that’s brimming with possibilities.

Let’s meet our featured Technology Consulting engineer, Rob Hume, PE. His expertise and contributions exemplify the spirit of Engineer’s Week, and we’re excited to delve into his insights and experiences.

What led you to engineering?

My fascination with engineering, particularly electrical engineering, was sparked by my curiosity about how things operate. I’ve always been intrigued by the inner workings of musical instruments and audio equipment, pushing me to explore the field further.

What are you doing to shape the future of engineering?

I strive to strike a balance between incorporating innovative technology trends and building future-ready infrastructure, while simultaneously focusing on minimizing unnecessary expenditures. This approach not only ensures the sustainability of projects but also contributes to minimizing costs.

What initiatives do you practice at home to help bend the climate curve?

I engage in several eco-friendly practices at home. These include recycling materials, supporting and contributing to secondhand stores, reusing cardboard and plastic containers whenever possible, and maintaining low energy consumption to reduce my carbon footprint.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of my engineering career, I am dedicated to advancing my education. I am currently working towards earning my master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from Purdue University.

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