Engineers Week 2024 Spotlight: Stephanie Cook, PE


At Mazzetti, we’re thrilled to commemorate an occasion that’s close to our hearts and fundamental to our mission: “Welcome to the Future”. Engineer’s Week isn’t just about recognizing today’s incredible achievements in engineering; it’s about looking forward to a future that’s brighter, more innovative, more sustainable, and more diverse than ever before.

In the spirit of paving new paths and inspiring the next generation of engineers, we’re dedicating each day of Engineer’s Week to showcase our own remarkable engineers. Their passion, dedication, and innovation drive the people at Mazzetti, shaping not only the present but also propelling us toward a future that’s brimming with possibilities.

Our featured Mechanical Engineer is Stephanie Cook, PE. Their expertise and contributions exemplify the spirit of Engineer’s Week, and we’re excited to delve into their insights and experiences.

What led you to engineering?

My engineering path began unexpectedly, rooted in a successful career in the live arts. As a lighting designer and production manager, I once thrived on the vitality of stage performances. But the physical demands and repetitive challenges pointed me towards change. Leveraging my resilience and adaptability, I transitioned from theater to engineering, intrigued by sustainability and driven by a desire to contribute meaningfully from behind the scenes. Despite initial doubts, I thrived in the demanding engineering environment, graduating with honors as a testament to my commitment and versatility. Reflecting on my journey, I see the parallels between the arts and engineering—both demand creativity, problem-solving, and learning. My unique background informs my approach to engineering, where I now apply my “backstage magic” to develop sustainable solutions for a brighter future.

What are you doing to shape the future of engineering?

I feel strongly about diversity and sustainability in engineering. I am the leader of Mazzetti’s DEI employee resource group and recently assisted with Mazzetti’s lighting exhibit at the Portland Winter Light Festival. Mazzetti’s exhibit “Coral Effect”, was a journey through influencing well-being by human action. It showcased sustainable action through the journey of deep-sea coral with 257 bottles collected from one coffee house over14 days. The exhibit highlighted how we can make way for a healthier habitat through plastics reduction, and renewable energy use.

What initiatives do you practice at home to help bend the climate curve?

I compost, re-use, recycle, buy from bulk bins with re-usable containers, cook at home most of the time, have a CSA farm share for produce, use re-chargeable batteries, use battery operated yard equipment, and have a rain barrel for watering gardens.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I like to be outside – hiking, biking, snowshoeing, walking the dog. I also enjoy helping others by volunteering at a food pantry. Additionally, I enjoy spending time with family and renovating a tiny house.

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