Mazzetti’s Dedication to Lighting Efficiency: A Look Inside


The lighting in a space transcends its primary function of illumination – it shapes experiences, invokes emotions, and can be a significant sustainability element. Missoula Public Library is a testament to this.

Mazzetti’s Lighting Design Studio collaborated with MSR Design and local architect of record AE Design on the Missoula Public Library—a beacon of sustainability in architectural lighting and the recipient of the Public Library of the Year award by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and Systematic.

Serving beyond literary pursuits, the 106,000sf facility synergizes with local initiatives creating a central community space. Our Lighting Design Studio devised an innovative illumination approach, utilizing standard luminaires for extraordinary effects, culminating in a project exceeding energy code IECC 2015 by 55% and achieving an impressively low Lighting Power Density (LPD) of 0.54w/sf (IECC 2021 is 0.83w/sf).

As a Benefit Corporation, Mazzetti’s mission is centered on bending the climate curve. The industry is ripe for opportunities to deliver on this mission. Our Lighting Design Studio is a leader in this space, evident by this work.

This pioneering project features a state-of-the-art wireless lighting control system fashioned to fine-tune energy consumption meticulously. We fortified our design with daylight modeling to maximize natural lighting, highlighting key architectural features while minimizing energy costs—an alignment with our benefit mission and a boon to operational expenses for our clients. Optimizing light efficiency maximizes functionality and enhances well-being—a standard we are proud to deliver to all our clients.

As demonstrated in this project and countless others, Mazzetti’s Lighting Design Studio unwaveringly continues to set the standard in energy conservation, habitually surpassing energy codes by a minimum of 10%. Our ethos of sustainability is embodied through elegantly designed lighting solutions with uncompromised design integrity. Our persistent drive for operational superiority is embodied in our in-depth analysis of LED technologies and the meticulous evaluation of lighting systems.

Brennan Schumacher, our Lighting Design Studio Leader, asserts, “We constantly monitor technological advancements to routinely surpassing standard energy codes, a commitment that has seen us exceed these benchmarks by 30% in recent years.” We are recognized industry leaders, not only complying with existing energy standards but advancing them through innovative lighting controls and wireless technologies.  Wireless control systems not only save energy and upfront cost, but they further reduce the embodied energy and carbon footprint by using less materials through fewer control devices and cables. These endeavors are pivotal in Mazzetti’s strategy for reducing our energy footprint resulting in our contribution to eight COTE and 25+ LEED Platinum lighting design projects.

The Missoula Public Library project employed an integrated design approach, prioritizing the client’s needs and aspirations, offering bespoke solutions that enhance satisfaction and uphold our pledge to sustainable practices. The level of integration on the project allowed us to save energy and improve the visual environment. Byoungjin Lee, Architect and Senior Associate at MSR Design shared this perspective stating, “As designers, our goal is to seamlessly integrate all elements of design, including lighting, to create immersive experiences for visitors. Lighting is not an afterthought in our process but a critical component in enhancing the user experience of a space. In the design of the Missoula library, lighting plays a pivotal role in supporting two key aspects in the library design: flexibility and adaptability and creating special moments.”

Mazzetti’s meticulous documentation process transparently highlights the milestones we set and consistently meet, effectively communicating our strategic direction and mission. Our goal is more than illumination; it is to blaze a trail for sustainable living for the generations to come.

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