Engineers Week 2024 Spotlight: Disha Upadhyaya, PE


This Engineer’s Week, we at Mazzetti are thrilled to celebrate an occasion that’s close to our hearts and fundamental to our mission: “Welcome to the Future”. This week is not just about recognizing the incredible achievements in engineering today—it’s about looking forward, towards a future that’s brighter, more innovative, more sustainable, and more diverse than ever before. In the spirit of paving new paths and inspiring the next generation of engineers, each day of Engineer’s Week, we will be showcasing our own remarkable engineers. Each spotlight is a testament to the passion, dedication, and innovation that drive the people at Mazzetti.

As we celebrate Engineer’s Week at Mazzetti, we’re excited to delve into the minds of our exceptional engineers. Their work not only shapes the present but also propels us toward a future that’s brimming with possibilities. So, without further ado, let’s meet our featured electrical engineer, Disha Upadhyaya, PE

What led you to engineering?

Math was always fun for me, and I naturally leaned into that feeling. I thought engineering would be a career full of math, but little did I know the career path I would take on involved very little “math math”. (linear algebra, differential equations, etc.) These are classes I absolutely loved but I couldn’t tell you much about them if you asked me today. Although my day-to-day isn’t full of complex mathematical equations to solve, it is still full of problem solving which is exciting.

What are you doing to shape the future of engineering?

We have the unique opportunity to work on innovative projects, particularly microgrid projects. The grid is going through a lot of changes with the addition of renewables (solar, fuel cells, BESS, wind, EV). This will change the nature of how the grid will function in the future. It’s new and still emerging. Staying on top of technology, thinking outside-the-box, and making sure the electrical systems are safe and reliable is a critical role we play in the job that we do. Shaping the future for me comes with teaching, mentoring, sharing knowledge, and discussing why and what we do is so important.

What initiatives do you practice at home to help bend the climate curve?

I’ve tried to adapt to a healthy lifestyle and keep in mind the small ways in which I can help. With Mazzetti allowing remote work this has already helped with going paperless in our documentation and eliminating the daily commute. I’m mostly vegetarian, use public transit when I can, and reduce the use of single-use plastics. For me, it’s just being conscious about it and doing the best you can.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Asking friends and/or family to join me in trying a new restaurant or pastry shop would be at the top on the list. If I’m not at a café chomping down on a fruit danish or pain au chocolat, I’m meditating through my practice of yoga, getting outdoors with casual strolls or a nature hike, or just chatting and laughing the day away with my loved ones.

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