Employee Spotlight: Healthcare Technology Consultant Kristen Hogan

Four-casting MEPT, Cx, Sustainability in 2015

From iFit to ICU: Monitoring Trends and their Impact to Facility Design

Don't miss Technology Consultants Diane Ballard and Josh Kelly on Wednesday, Sept. 20 @ 9:45am at the Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo. They'll share insights on technology trends impacting facility design.
George Kittos Promoted to Technology Team Leader

Mazzetti is proud to announce George Kittos' promotion to Technology Team Leader, specializing in Medical Equipment Planning.
How Does Centralized vs. Decentralized Medication Distribution Impact Design?

In the past, most facilities used a centralized medication distribution methodology, but many facilities have now shifted to a decentralized model...
How OHSU is Revolutionizing Pediatric Brain Surgery

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