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Help revolutionize medical waste management decision making. You’re invited to test WasteCare—Mazzetti’s (BETA) Waste Footprint Calculator—our waste stream environmental impact calculator.

You can access the CALCULATOR HERE:

We are developing this free tool to help hospitals and healthcare organizations choose the most environmentally friendly ways to conduct all business—ideally, environmentally and economically friendly. This calculator will help hospitals to do this for the first time ever. As part of our Benefit Corporation status, we are providing this tool to help make the world a better place and to provide you with the information you need to implement your own facility solutions.

Your feedback towards improving this tool, is very much appreciated. FEEDBACK PORTAL is here:


By providing a few pieces of information, the tool allows you to calculate the environmental footprint of your full waste stream.  It also allows you to easily compare one scenario to another so you can see how changes you make might impact the environmental footprint.

e.g. Do I cause more CO2 emissions by landfilling my msw at the local dump or driving it across state to the incinerator?  How can I maximize landfill diversions while keeping CO2 emissions below a certain threshold?

Using the Calculator

To get started, simply go the calculator and sign up for a user account. The calculator starts with a base case consisting of four waste streams, but you can easily add or delete waste streams and add comparison cases. Indicate the weight of the waste stream in tons per day, the electricity region in which the waste will be treated, the type of fuel, and approximate distance to the treatment facility/landfill. The calculator will provide data on resultant air emissions, water use, and energy use.

Providing Feedback

In some senses, the calculator is assembling data on environmental impact in a way that is easily accessible. This means that the calculator can only be as good as the underlying data and assumptions.  Part of the purpose of the calculator is to invite discussion, debate, and improvement of underlying data and sources. You can click on links to find the equations, factors used, and data sources for all calculations being performed behind the scenes. You can provide comments directly here. If you believe you have a better source of data or have comments on the factors or equations used, please provide that information. Our intent is to create “open” conversation, so that, we are both creating a tool that is of use in considering the environmental impact of waste stream disposal choices and inviting a conversation about the underlying data we use to make those decisions.

Next Steps

Jump in and try it out! If you run into any difficulties, please report on the feedback form. (Comments will be reviewed daily.)

Thank you for your shared interest and contribution towards creating a valuable tool for the industry and our environment.


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