PDC Summit 2017: New Sessions, New People, New Swag


It’s that time of year again–Spring Training, March Madness, and PDC Summit! We’re serving up a a great line-up of sessions featuring timely info on energy procurement, hybrid OR’s, and even LEAN techniques to reduce energy consumption. See more details below.

Plus, if you haven’t already met our Technology team members who recently joined us from our merger with GBA, stop by booth #1129. Not only will you have healthcare technology subject matter experts at your disposal, you can collect a few swag items appropriate for the Orlando sun–sunglasses, water bottles, and other surprises.

See you in Orlando!  #PDCSummit 2017

Monday, March 13
(9:45 – 10:45am)

New Best Practices in Energy Procurement

Walt Vernon, PE, MBA, JD, LEED AP, CEO, Mazzetti+GBA; Mark Mininberg, JD, President, Hospital Energy; Craig Onori, Vice President of Operations, Lehigh Valley Health Network

Energy managers are required to make complex procurement decisions in America-s most dynamic market. Facility engineers, health care procurement professionals, and designers must understand concepts of energy procurement as an integrated part of the facility design process. This session will review ASHE-s new performance improvement measure related to energy procurement and draw on cases studies from Cleveland Clinic and SSM Health to illustrate how health care owners can optimize utility contracting for both existing and new buildings.

  • Navigate the dynamic new energy markets.
  • Explore new best practices in energy procurement.
  • Apply best practices in the context of new construction.
  • Teach key hospital stakeholders to participate in best energy practices.


Monday, March 13
(1:45 – 2:45pm)

The Hybrid OR: Can It Be Standardized?

Kelly Spivey, Associate Principal, Technology Team Leader, Mazzetti+GBA; Bill Hinton, Associate Principal, Technology Team Leader, Mazzetti+GBA

Is it possible to standardize Hybrid ORs? Interventionists, surgeons, and cardiologists must share the same space and coordinate procedure scheduling and priorities. Coming to an agreement on procedures, imaging systems, and support equipment should drive the design, but too often design precedes decision. This session will identify clinical procedural differences affecting infrastructure, layout, positioning, and technology use. Medical technologies and room layouts from projects will be reviewed, and differences between cardiac, vascular, neuro, and other procedures will be evaluated.

  • Review advantages of the hybrid concept.
  • Compare technologies by procedural application.
  • Evaluate room layouts for cardio, vascular, neuro, and other procedures.
  • Discuss planning and coordination challenges.

Tuesday, March 14
(8:15 – 9:15am)

Using the Thedacare A3 Process to Solve the Energy Challenge

Walt Vernon, PE, MBA, JD, LEED AP, CEO, Mazzetti+GBA; Cindy Nuesslein, Principal, Mazzetti+GBA

This session will bring the renowned lean continuous improvement techniques pioneered at Thedacare to the ASHE audience. It will be a brief training in the application of one of these techniques to energy consumption. We will learn from each other; we will leave the session knowing a bit about the powerful Thedacare continuous improvement techniques, as well as with new ideas from the pool of attendees to help advance our own energy reduction agendas.

  • Describe how Thedacare ignored, and then “discovered” its energy opportunities.
  • Explain the Thedacare continuous daily improvement techniques.
  • Use the Thedacare A3 process to develop ideas for advancing energy efficiency in a health care setting.
  • Share energy consumption ideas generated by the session attendees.


More PDC info here: http://www.ashe.org/PDC/index.shtml

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