What if we “reimagined” the ICU alongside clinicians?


Have you heard, our Sextant Foundation is organizing another “Reimagining Workshop” focused on critical care spaces

On the final day of the Healthcare Facilities Symposium (in Boston), Thursday September 19, we’ll kick off the next two-day “Reimagining Workshop” focusing on critical care spaces, presented by the Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) & theSociety of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM). We’re assembling leading designers and clinicians, including folks from Harvard, Kaiser, Brigham Woman’s, Mayo Clinic, and more. Participating architects and clinicians earn continuing education credits. REGISTER HERE.

So, WHY focus on critical care?

ICU patient story
This patient’s story is just one of the PEOPLE impacted by our ability to improve, to reimagine critical care spaces. This patient prioritized:
• Access to the outdoors
• A patient-accessible dimmer switch to control the lighting
• An electronic “board” for documenting her feelings and overall state-of-mind, while in the ICU, connected to her medical records, and accessible to her

Though this ICU did accommodate her desire for direct outdoor access, unfortunately not the case for the other priorities. How else can we reimagine this space to improve her experience (and that of others)?  Let’s do it together, in Boston!

Standard registration ends Sept. 6.

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