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Time to Get Serious About the Greatest Threat to Human Health (And it’s not COVID)


While this COVID pandemic is still very much requiring our attention, we can’t lose sight of the greatest threat to global health in the 21st century—climate change. Today, Healthcare represents almost 20% of the US National Economy, 10% of US carbon emissions, and 5% of global carbon emissions… and growing. Rather than “doing no harm,” healthcare is actively fueling the carbon fire.

But, reducing onsite combustion – a key to eliminating carbon emissions — is notoriously difficult. Together we can change that paradigm.

Opportunity meets possibility.

The change we need to create together is possible. Mazzetti, on behalf of the California Energy Commission (CEC), is building a community to share best-in-class thinking towards reducing carbon emissions. The California Energy Commission (CEC) awarded Mazzetti a grant (in 2020) to create THE guidebook to decarbonize hospitals in California. Naturally the guidebook will have implications beyond California hospitals. This opportunity perfectly aligns with Mazzetti’s vision to create healthier, enduring environments. And, what better sector to do this in, than Healthcare?!

In this effort, we are striving to create a community of passionate and curious people to advance the mission of decarbonizing healthcare. And, ultimately, we are building a “living” guidebook, from which, all California hospitals can benefit, addressing the most challenging questions: How can we reduce the use of steam? Can we evolve codes? Can we optimize the building to use less energy? How do we pay for it? How do we get  leadership to support what is necessary?

Mission: decarb

Become a member of a robust community–healthcare engineers, designers, facility personnel, financial and regulation experts and more—to tackle the greatest challenges facing the Healthcare sector toward achieving carbon neutrality. Share your expertise. Share your experience. Share your passion to help us build a better, more sustainable Healthcare sector.

What’s in it for you??

  • Advance your professional development – earn CEUs.
  • Advance your healthcare organization’s own carbon neutrality goals.
  • Network with various subject matter experts (and peers).
  • Hear and participate in new-age thinking on carbon neutrality in Healthcare.
  • Receive value feedback re your own challenges & triumphs related to carbon neutrality.
  • Be part of movement to make a positive, lasting impact for generations to come.
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