Cultivating inclusivity in the work environment: Starting with women!

Angelica Chow, PE, LEED AP BD+C

Electrical Engineer

Below is a quick update of the Mazzetti female workforce tracking through November 2018.

Women @ Mazzetti (DEC)

Earlier this quarter, Mazzetti launched a new Women@Mazzetti committee to support the company’s initiative of becoming one of the most female-friendly engineering firms. (Discover more about the origination of this initiative and commitment here.)

I have the privilege of leading this group, comprised of multiple Mazzetti-ites (men and women!) from different offices across the country.  The committee had its first strategic planning meeting to discuss goals for 2019 (which turned out to be quite an impressive list). A resonating thought throughout the group — how can we can continue to build a supportive and inclusive culture within the company and our communities? Resulting goals, included:

  • Develop robust leadership mentoring for females. Check out one story re mentoring from Leslie Jonsson, a Senior Mechanical Engineer in our Seattle office.
  • Facilitate discussions on how to be better allies for each other.
  • Create partnerships with other women/diversity-focused groups in the community.
  • Identify a champion in each office who will advocate for those who need to be heard.

We are excited to see what this committee can accomplish in the next year!

How has your firm succeeded in building a more inclusive culture? Lessons learned? Anything you care to share, so we can improve together, we welcome your input.

Adam Sachs, PE

Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Amy Pitts, MBA, BSN, RN

Medical Equipment Project Manager

Andy Neathery

Technology BIM Specialist

Angela Howell, BSN, RN

Senior Associate, Medical Equipment Project Manager

Anjali Wale, PE, LEED AP

Associate Principal, Senior Electrical Engineer

Austin Barolin, PE, CEM, LEED AP O&M

Senior Associate, Senior Energy Analyst

Beth Bell

Principal, Chief Financial Officer

Bilal Malik

Associate, Senior Electrical Designer

Brennan Schumacher, LEED AP

Associate Principal, Lighting Design Studio Leader

Brian Hageman, LEED AP

Associate Principal, Plumbing Discipline Lead

Brian Hans, PE, LEED AP

Associate Principal, Senior Mechanical Engineer

Brian J. Lottis, LEED AP BD+C

Associate, Senior Mechanical Designer

Brianne Copes, PE, LEED AP

Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Bryen Sackenheim

Principal, Technology Practice Leader

Carolyn Carey

Medical Equipment Project Manager

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