"Why do I like working at Mazzetti?" Hear for yourself.

Betting on the Turtle

Cultivating inclusivity in the work environment: Starting with women!

How can we can continue to build a supportive and inclusive culture within the company and our communities?
Dress like "Rosie" - Make the World a Better Place

Equality Means Business: Empowering women in STEM Careers

How to Advance Your Career: Four Factors to Address

Most Female-Friendly Engineer Firm: We're transparent about our goal.

Most Female-Friendly Engineer Firm: We’re transparent about our goal. (UPDATE)

My ASHRAE Journey—How I Started, the Benefits, and an Offer to Mentor You

Our Boat is Striving for Extra-Ordinary

Society of Women Engineers - Negotiation Tips for Women (and Men)

Top Ten Expert Tips to Attract and Retain More Women in the Workplace

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