Senior Technology Consultant

I have 29 years as a registered nurse primarily working in Emergency Departments – all sizes from 7-bed Critical Access to Level 1 Trauma. I had the opportunity to act as owner representative for a 7M expansion/renovation project that almost doubled the size of the existing floor plan, while serving as director of a 63,000+ visit ED. I also have experience in the Family Practice setting and Home Health. I am able to understand the clinicians expressed needs along with understanding floor plans and regulations. In other words, I’m able to interpret needs between the disciplines ensuring all parties are on the same page.

I like to problem-assess, identify solutions, and implement solutions. I am detail oriented and rigorously organized. I enjoy incorporating technology (appropriately) and streamlining processes to optimize healthcare delivery and the physical space for healing.

The most satisfying project in my career was the expansion/renovation project. Being able to deliver a department that supported the clinicians with technology, space, and organization, allowing them to focus on patient care while providing a calm and inviting space for patients was very rewarding. Having participated in progressive leadership over the past 13 years, I was ready for a change. Mazzetti+GBA appeared to be a very progressive company with a focus on delivering quality, environmentally sustainable deliverables throughout the healthcare industry, resulting in facilities that will work well into the future. This is very appealing to me and an exciting opportunity.

My Flipside

When not in the office, I try hard to be outdoors gardening or somewhere with water enjoying family and friends. I love to sit on the beach with a good book or try new things such as shooting sporting clays and most recently participating in mud runs and restoring a 1972 Truimph Spitfire. I also enjoy traveling and mission work.

The coolest work I’ve ever done was the archeology dig at Tel Gezer in Isreal. I was able to join a team from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary school and recover artifacts. I’ve also enjoyed mission trips to El Valle, Panama, and Haiti.