Brennan Schumacher, LEED AP

Associate Principal, Lighting Design Studio Leader

I work at the intersection of art and science. I provide sustainable, integrated lighting design solutions, improving occupant health and enhancing architectural collaboration. I really enjoy educating clients and designs teams about opportunities to improve the quality of our visual environment using layers of light with a focus on surface reflectance.

I love art, science and have a strong passion for the environment… Lighting design is the perfect combination.

I was a green building consultant for several years–been involved with and leading project teams in applying green building practices. This gave me a broad understanding of how the systems within a building interact and depend on one another. As a result, I’m well versed in integrating daylight, electric light and controls with engineered electrical systems and building management systems.

Did I mention my environmental focus? I’m honored to have started the USGBC Colorado Chapter with a group of 12 people. Though this effort, I developed and taught a course in Integrated Design, Green Building and LEED, helping thousands of people pass the LEED Accreditation Exam. I’ve also authored three books on green building and the LEED Rating System. Contact me  if you’re interested to hear more.


My Flipside

Outside of the office, where do I begin?! I enjoy life! The cliff notes version (probably in this order): kids, Green Bay Packers (my hometown!), breathing clean mountain air, playing the banjo, hiking, camping, fly fishing, snowboarding, and listening to bluegrass… all the quintessential CO outdoor activities for the most part.

One thing I’d do to change the world? I would love to find an easier to path to break from the fast paced, technology based world we live in today.

Hopefully, I’ve successfully communicated a passion and dedication to the one Earth we all have to share. Along these lines, I bought a bank owned, foreclosed duplex that sat vacant for over a year. I applied many green features to the house, and did as much of the work as I could–hydronic heating systems, super insulated roof, composting, raised beds, new kitchen and baths new lighting and new windows …It was great and learned a lot…


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