How to Finance Energy Efficiency Projects

6/18/15   Tim Belke, PE
How to Inexpensively Optimize the 911 Call Center Environment

Installing Solar in Dominica - Class is (back) in Session

We are helping to improve the quality of life for these communities and providing resilient energy sources (in the event of future natural disasters). These schools can be used as places of refuge so ensuring that they have electricity will be a huge benefit and could save lives.
Rebuilding HOPE in Haiti to Combat Cholera: Hugh's Story

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of collaborating with our Sextant foundation, Project HOPE and Electricians Without Borders in a volunteer effort to build a Cholera Treatment Center in Haiti.
Three Reasons You Can’t Afford NOT to Invest in Sustainability

Using Electrical Engineering Expertise to Help a Resource-Limited Community - Day One

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