Associate, Senior Lighting Designer


Lighting Design

I’m currently living in Milwaukee WI, however I have lived all over the country! Although born in California and growing up in NJ, most of my professional career has actually been in Philadelphia and New York City. Because of this I am mostly an East Coaster at heart but if anyone asks I am a Packers fan! I hold over 12 years of lighting design experience working in these multiple major cities for prestigious firms such as GWA Lighting, Francis Cauffman Architects and SBLD Studio. Four years of this was spent at Visa Lighting, where I learned and gained experience on the manufacturing/sales side of things. Although I have worked on numerous projects including, commercial, hospitality, retail, education, exterior façade and landscape lighting, my focus and passion has always been in healthcare lighting and design. At Visa Lighting I was able to act as the liaison, educator and advocate for other like-minded designers to specify and create quality healthcare lighting fixtures.

I am LC and EDAC certified and a dedicated member of the IES Healthcare Committee and Milwaukee Chapter. Did I mention I’m a healthcare nerd? I love reading, researching and following the latest news on anything to do with light & health. This all stems from my education in Interior Design at Philadelphia University where my thesis focused on a Children’s Outpatient Rehab Center. I have had countless opportunities to specialize in this field and I’m so grateful to be here having the ability to share and grow now with Mazzetti!

My Flipside

When I’m not nerding out about lighting I spend my time being a full time mommy to our “new” daughter, Audrey Hayden. Our slightly older dog Jules gets jealous of all the attention so it’s been a balance between the two. Speaking of balance, I do try to squeeze in time for yoga too.

My husband is a lighting product designer, with an industrial design background. In our free time (I think I remember those days) we both work on house projects and play pick-up volleyball games. I enjoy painting on the side. Last year I had my first gallery showing and actually sold two pieces.  I’m excited for all the adventures our little family has to come!