Meow Wolf Convergence Station Sips (with a Z) Lounge


Meow Wolf

Denver, CO



Lighting Design

Project Lead:

Janelle Drouet, LC, IESNA, Associate IALD, LEED AP

Senior Associate, Senior Lighting Designer

Project Team:

Brennan Schumacher, LEED AP

Meow Wolf, started in 2008 as a small group of artists in Sante Fe, NM. Today, it has grown into a brand name for immersive art and entertainment, starting a new movement in combining technology and art.

Mazzetti’s lighting design studio had the opportunity to collaborate on the lighting design for a new lounge in their Denver facility. Meow Wolf brought their flair for immersive art and Mazzetti brought their experience and knowledge with artistic architectural lighting and brought forward a totally unique space.  Art, innovation, and tribute blend harmoniously at Sips (with a Z), an immersive bar lounge nestled on the second floor of the renowned Convergence Station, Meow Wolf’s Denver exhibition. The project debuted a year after the initial Meow Wolf Denver opening day, and is more than just an engaging space; it’s a heartfelt homage to one of Meow Wolf’s founders.

At the heart of the project’s charm is the close collaboration between Mazzetti’s lighting design team and Meow Wolf’s illustrious lighting design and art teams. Together, they have crafted an atmospheric experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Imagine being surrounded by glowing translucent plants and illuminated art pieces by Meow Wolf and a symphony of black lights, specialty bar details, integrated millwork back bar lighting, and a small stage. Through several iterations of lighting control evaluations several scenes were created to provide Meow Wolf an easy-to-use system that supports their day-to-day and specialty events.

Behind the scenes, extensive mock-ups were created by Mazzetti’s lighting design team to guarantee the desired lighting effects everyone has now come to love. Operating within a tight budget, the lighting design team worked diligently to find the most value in their product selection. The result? A breathtaking and cost-effective lighting experience that visitors will remember long after they’ve left.

Photos by Monica Lloyd Photography | Courtesy of Meow Wolf


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