Marfa Ranch


Marfa, TX


Lighting Design

2022 Texas Society of Architects Design Award

Architectural Digest

Project Lead:

Brennan Schumacher, LEED AP

Associate Principal, Lighting Design Studio Leader

Project Team:

This custom residence outside of Marfa, TX was constructed with sustainability as a focus. This rammed earth residence was the fourth rammed earth structure that our lighting design studio completed. The “adobe” style thick walls built from the local onsite dirt provides a quiet isolation outside of the quiet yet eclectic town of Marfa. The residence has a roof top terrace for star gazing, so all exterior lighting design with concealed sources and warm colors. Numerous integrated custom details throughout the residence embrace Mazzetti’s approach to brightness based design, keep the light sources hidden, but accentual the beautiful surfaces of the rammed earth construction. Old oil pipes from local industry were repurposed into small cylinder downlights for the exterior circulation areas. Steplights with integrated LED sources were custom designed and integrated with the rammed earth construction. Skylights in the yoga studio and art studio allow the residence to enjoy the blue skies and sunshine while minimizing direct sun. The architectural lighting system provide a layer of ambient light to allow the decorative lighting selected by the owner to function as art pieces.


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