Janelle Drouet, LC, IESNA, Associate IALD, LEED AP

Senior Associate, Senior Lighting Designer


Lighting Design

For over twenty years, I’ve had the privilege to help inspire, to heal, to connect people through lighting design. (And I’ve been fortunate to work with incredible partners and clients to earn prestigious accolades during my career.) My philosophy—create expressive, sustainable, and inclusive designs relative to the end user. I use storytelling as a tool to express a design voice while establishing functional, quantitative, and qualitative criteria.

In my career, I’ve contributed to the success of a broad spectrum of projects of varying sizes and complexities including LEED, WELL, daylighting, heritage, fast track, and design-build projects. Regardless of scope or project type, I firmly believe that good lighting design, access to daylighting and/or shading, is a basic human right and it should be equitable for all.

Mazzetti’s mission of delivering healthy and sustainable environments while creating iconic spaces, 100% resonated, attracting me to join the firm in November 2021. As a Senior Lighting Designer, I am committed to providing clients with the relevant framework to optimize visual quality, utilizing appropriate technology for a variety of markets— healthcare, aviation, commercial, hospitality, and arts and culture.

During my career, I’ve been fortunate to work globally; however, one of the projects I am most proud of took place in my own “backyard”. Centennial Hills Library (Las Vegas, NV) was a new 46,000sf flagship library for the Clark County Library District that achieved a LEED Gold rating. It was one of the first LEED, dark sky compliant projects in Nevada. I’m honored to have helped contribute to a new way of sustainable thinking for the community (that had historically been known for a single approach of excess light).

I strongly believe in knowledge sharing, particularly to help build the next generation of Lighting Designers. Towards this, I’ve been a contributor to the development of global lighting standards,  contributed to various industry publications, and contributed time as a mentor, instructor, and presenter. Most recently, I have helped review Parsons School of Design Senior Projects, participated in co-teaching lighting preparation for architect’s registration exams, and will soon participate in teaching controls at PG&E in the Bay Area to a broad audience of designers, engineers, and architects.

My Flipside

Outside of work, I enjoy my family, friends, and the great outdoors. I am passionate about life and always up for an adventure. I like to paint, dance, hike, fly planes, ride horses, watch movies (a huge marvel fan), bake, develop a science or lighting experiment, and listen to music

We are a French American family (I met my husband in Normandy while studying the language). We have two little girls, both super smart, brave, independent, and will change the world!  I enjoy seeing my little ones happy and curious about the world around them. I love to laugh and sing and appreciate that every day is a gift – so I work to fill my days to the brim with joy.


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