Women @ Mazzetti – Increasing Temperatures & Numbers

Angelica Chow, PE, LEED AP BD+C

Electrical Engineer

Halfway through the year of 2019, which means, the summer heat is rising! Likewise, as of the month of July, our % of women at Mazzetti and our % of women in technical positions continue to rise.

Women @ Mazzetti - July 2019

A quick update re Women@Mazzetti activity… We are forming a women-in-leadership mentoring program. The goal – for employees at Mazzetti to have access to and mentorship from women in Mazzetti’s leadership. Over the next few months, we will be interviewing the mentors and sharing their knowledge gems both internally and externally (spreading the wealth!)

Recently, we came across an article from NPR, “Battle For the Thermostat,” discussing research analyzing how temperature affects the productivity and cognitive abilities of men and women differently. The study reports a 10-15% increase in math and verbal performance for women and a 3% decrease for men when the temperature changes from the 60’s to mid-70’s (Fahrenheit). The study implies an interesting question then – how do we design temperature for gender-mixed spaces?

Our Mazzetti-ites brought up a few good points regarding gender versus temperature. One thing to note is how clothing factors into the results; women on average probably wear less clothing or thinner clothing than men, hence making them more susceptible to cold temperatures than men. Alternatively, if the office temperature were higher, then men would likely be uncomfortable due to their increased clothing coverage compared to women. Another point to keep in mind is that heat loss relates to surface area and mass. Women on average have a smaller build than men; therefore, women generally dissipate heat more quickly than men.

At a minimum, we can conclude that temperature can yield a significant effect on the people, for which, we design spaces. Awareness is step #1. Curious to hear your thoughts… Check out the references below and share your thoughts on how we can achieve the “right” temperature for all!


NPR, “The Battle For The Office Thermostat”

PLOS, “Battle for the thermostat: Gender and the effect of temperature on cognitive performance”

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Aaron Schiess, PE

Associate, Senior Mechanical Engineer

Andy Neathery

Technology BIM Specialist

Angela Howell, BSN, RN

Medical Equipment Planner

Angelica Chow, PE, LEED AP BD+C

Electrical Engineer

Anjali Wale, PE, LEED AP

Senior Associate, Senior Electrical Engineer

Arturo S Salud

Associate, Senior Electrical Designer

Austin Barolin, PE, CEM, LEED AP O&M

Senior Associate, Senior Energy Analyst

Bethany Beers, CCP, LEED AP BD+C

Senior Associate, Energy & Commissioning Consultant

Brennan Schumacher, LEED AP

Associate Principal, Lighting Design Lead

Brian Hageman, LEED AP

Associate Principal, Plumbing Discipline Lead

Brian Hans, PE, LEED AP

Associate Principal, Senior Mechanical Engineer

Brian J. Lottis, LEED AP BD+C

Associate, Senior Mechanical Designer

Brianne Copes, PE, LEED AP

Senior Associate, Mechanical Engineer

Bryen Sackenheim

Principal, Director of Business Development, Mazzetti+GBA

Chiao-Wei Yu

Associate, Director of VDC

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