Energy Game Changers--Are we ready for the DER revolution?

Healthcare Facility Solutions Series: What the C-Suite Needs to Know About 'Energy Health'

IFHE Global Energy Awards

IFHE Launches Global Healthcare Energy Awards

The International Federation of Healthcare Engineering (IFHE), with support from the Association of Medical Facility Professionals (AMFP) and Mazzetti, has launched its first ever Global Healthcare Energy Awards. The awards aim to encourage healthcare facilities around the world to commit to a reduction in energy use that will ultimately lessen the entire global health system’s intensive carbon footprint, all through a simple energy tracking process.
Kaiser Permanente Richmond Medical Center MICROGRID

Kaiser Permanente (KP), the nation’s largest integrated healthcare system and first to achieve carbon neutrality (in 2020). Towards this, KP has been exploring the use of renewable microgrids, a groundbreaking step towards providing cleaner energy generation and reducing consumption
NEWS: Seasoned MEP Engineer Stacey Lin Joins Mazzetti

Please join us in welcoming seasoned MEP engineer Stacey Lin, who joined Mazzetti as a Principal in San Francisco, CA. He brings 25+ years of experience, specializing in sustainable design.
Renewable Development in Healthcare Q & A

Mazzetti’s Earth Day Bending the Climate Curve™ lecture series focused on Renewable Development in Healthcare. The lecture addressed questions such as: How might renewable energy development be part of the solution? How do you consider and assess your overall energy strategy? What’s the general process and SMEs needed to execute this strategy? How the heck do you pay for it?!
What is Energy "Peace of Mind"?

We see a large part of our role is to provide you, our clients, peace of mind. This implies both trust and appropriate outcomes. What better design validation than measuring actual performance?!

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