NEWS: Seasoned MEP Engineer Stacey Lin Joins Mazzetti


Please join us in welcoming seasoned MEP Engineer Stacey Lin, PE, CxA, who joined Mazzetti as a Principal in San Francisco. He brings 25+ years of experience, specializing in sustainable design.

We sat down with Stacey to learn more about his background and outlook on the future…

How did you get into your specific line of work?

I became interested in math and science before high school, and I knew I wanted to eventually do something technical. When I started looking for a job after a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1990, the economy was down. I contacted many firms and a stand-out was an energy consulting company specializing in energy conservation. They were looking for engineers to analyze building energy consumptions using DOE2 (the most popular program for comprehensive energy analysis at the time); my background in fluid and thermal sciences made it easy for me to learn and use program. After three years, I joined a well-known Pacific Northwest MEP firm to broaden my background in mechanical engineering. I have continued my career in MEP design and energy efficiency consulting for 29 years which eventually led to me Mazzetti.

Tell us about a memorable project…

It was a high-rise mixed-use project. My firm provided mechanical design for a design-build contractor based on design concepts presented by another firm. When the construction was nearly completed with occupancy permit planned to be received in two weeks, we received really bad news – the building’s stairwells and elevator shafts could not be balanced to be within the pressure range specified in the new code. The change in the code allows the deletion of vestibules into the stairwells on each floor, but its implications were not fully understood by anyone. I was asked to come up with a fix in less than two weeks! Through sleepless nights, frantic analyses and full support from other team members, I arrived at a solution and gained 15 minutes of fame too!

What excites you most about your line of work?

Consulting engineers are in a unique position to contribute directly to tackling sustainable growth and climate change. I am excited about making my work relevant and impactful!

How did you discover Mazzetti?

I was working in Portland when a local firm merged with Mazzetti. I knew Mazzetti worked on mostly healthcare and complex projects, and I also learned throughout the years that the firm is willing to bring in new talents through mergers, which demonstrates the leadership’s willingness to embrace change.

What are you most excited about, working for Mazzetti?

I am excited about the opportunity to lead a team of engineers to provide quality engineering solutions. Firms that can attract and retain talents and equip them with advanced design tools will be in high demand by our clients.

Advice for the younger generation?

Consulting engineering is technical work, but it also forces young engineers to improve their people skills – communication, empathy and teamwork. These skills will benefit anyone, but especially make an engineer more effective and valuable.

Life outside of work??

Being a Principal, it’s hard to separate work from other parts of your life. To me, physical and mental health is the most important asset, so I try to exercise regularly and keep up with reading.
One quote I appreciate is: “Treat your family like friends and your friends like family.” I enjoy spending time with them, and my appreciation only grows.

What does the future of the A/E/C industry look like?

My own view is the A/E/C industry will go through transformations in the next decade. Firms will get bigger & there will be fewer of them in the landscape. Changes will be ongoing in order to meet demand for speedy deliveries and to keep pace with advancements in other industries.

Contact Stacey directly here. 

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