A Paradigm Shift: ASHRAE 188 and Domestic Water Waterborne Pathogens

ASHRAE Standard 170 - Healthcare Ventilation UPDATES

The ASHRAE 170 Committee—focused on ventilation standards in healthcare-- met at the annual ASHRAE winter conference. Several significant changes are coming that will impact engineers, architects, and owners if implemented. The following are some highlights...
Healthcare Ventilation Standards: "One Size Does Not Fit All"

ASHRAE issued this Addendum for what is called “Advisory Public Review”. (i.e. ASHRAE will not necessarily take any particular actions in response to comments received.) They are using this opportunity to collect thinking on the basic soundness of the concepts and identify any big gaps they can fill prior to issuing it for actual public comment.
Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Earns More Recognition as an Innovative Energy Marvel

Packard Children's is the second children’s hospital in the world to earn LEED Platinum status (1st on the West Coast), the highest designation for sustainability awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council. And most recently, this energy marvel has earned an *ASHRAE Technology Award, further acknowledging it's highly sustainable and innovative design at work.
My ASHRAE Journey—How I Started, the Benefits, and an Offer to Mentor You

Patient Room Ventilation: New developments brewing from ASHRAE.

Water Efficiency & General Maintenance Checklist

Water Management: Why Identifying Potential Risks Supersedes Testing

Essentially, the CMS is requiring Medicare-certified healthcare facilities to implement water management policies and procedures to reduce the potential risk of Legionella (and other waterborne pathogens). The water management program should consider the ASHRAE 188 Standard and the CDC Toolkit.

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