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Mazzetti launches a dedicated, sustainable lighting design studio via alliance with David Nelson & Associates

Brennan Schumacher, former Principal of David Nelson & Associates (DNA), will lead the Studio to deliver high performing, environmentally responsible, beautiful, and affordable lighting solutions.

Schumacher is a specialist in lighting design, controls and energy efficiency and has worked with clients to provide 3D modeling, lighting calculations, energy analysis, and more. He is a LEED Accredited Professional and has authored three books on green building and the LEED Rating System.

Mazzetti and Schumacher are philosophically aligned in their commitment to work side-by-side with clients to envision better environments and deliver on that vision. Sustainability is at the root of this philosophy, evident in the projects.

Sustainable lighting goes beyond energy savings and cannot be accomplished without truly integrated design. When electrical and mechanical systems are optimized, we create higher quality built environments that promote human health and preserve the natural world.

The Lighting Design Studio expands Mazzetti’s capacity to deliver advanced lighting solutions to clients without sacrificing design. Benefits for clients include:

  • Enhanced lighting design that is fully integrated with MEPT engineering.
  • Lighting design that improves occupant health and wellbeing.
  • Enhanced architectural collaboration, such as lighting surfaces and layered systems.
  • Lighting control integration for engineered electrical and building management systems.

All new *DNA projects will be assumed by Mazzetti, under Schumacher’s leadership.

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