John Dombrowski, PE, HFDP, CPMP, CCP, LEED® AP

Associate Principal, Senior Commissioning Agent

I have over 30 years of Design and Commissioning experience in the Healthcare industry.  I also serve on various Codes and Standards Committees locally and nationally.   I really enjoy tying that all together to help the entire Commissioning Team produce a successful and energy efficient project for our clients.I pride myself on my ability to bring the team together and the fact that I do not stop and keep following up until everything is done.

I pride myself on my ability to bring the team together and the fact that I do not stop and keep following up until everything is done.

My work on the FGI Guidelines Cx Subcommittee and various ASHE committees have helped promote and advance the field of Commissioning, particularly in the Healthcare industry.  I have served on the FGI Guidelines since 1993 (6 cycles, going on 7) and was the Chair of their Commissioning Subcommittee. I am on the ASHRAE 170 committee.  I also am on the ASHE Advocacy Advisory Committee, the Ask ASHE team, Chair the committee that developed the ASHE Commissioning Insider Magazine and helped write the Commissioning and TAB chapters of the ASHE E-learning program.


My Flipside

When I’m not in the office, you can find me golfing or bowling with my wife and two grown sons.  I really enjoy time with my family, and we all love to golf.  Every year (for the past 11 years), my family and I go out on Christmas Day to a golf course (regardless of weather conditions and believe me, it has been cold, windy and snowing some years) and hold a closest to the pin contest on one of the par threes. We have a funky trophy and we document who won, the distance and the weather conditions each year.

Erie, PA is my home town.  I also lived in State College, PA and Johnstown, PA. I have worked for 32+ years in Johnstown and Erie, PA, and for 8 years through H.S. and College in a Hardware Store.

I always enjoyed design and drafting classes (back in the days when we hand drafted everything) in High School.  When I was looking into college and was debating between Architecture and Civil Engineering, Penn State introduced me to Architectural Engineering and I was hooked.

I guess if I could change one thing it would be to find a way to get everyone to stop and put themselves in the other’s shoes when a situation arises before they rush to judgment, lose their temper or just plain react poorly. It would go a long way toward making the world a much better place to live

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