COVID-19 Facts vs. Fiction for Healthcare Facilities

Does the use of negative pressure protect healthcare personnel from the virus? Do we need to use HEPA filters? The answer to these questions and more.
COVID-19 Ventilators & the Systems Used to Administer the Oxygen

With the significant uptick in ventilator use, typical medical oxygen and compressed air systems are being taxed in ways our healthcare facilities have never experienced. And, worst case, if these systems are not properly managed (and modified in some cases) this critical, “invisible” treatment could be jeopardized.
Healthcare Facilities Management Guidance During COVID-19 [Download]

The solutions must be appropriate to the context (hospital, convention center conversion, or tent) and the resources (time, staff, equipment) available. Thus, we have tried to tier the recommendations in a “must do” (1), or “better to do” (2) kind of taxonomy.
Wireless Patient Monitoring Technology to Combat COVID-19

How might wireless patient monitoring systems help mitigate the staffing shortages and exposure to infected patients, while increasing available beds for higher acuity patients? Discover about one used in China and now being quickly deployed worldwide.

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