Healthcare Facilities Management Guidance During COVID-19 [Download]


For the purposes of this guidance, we are using a variation of the Strength of Recommendation Taxonomy (SORT) used by the Infectious Diseases Society of America. That is, in the world of the response to this lightning fast COVID-19 pandemic, a one-size-fits-all solution for healthcare facilities is not always feasible nor suitable. The solutions must be appropriate to the context (hospital, convention center conversion, or tent) and the resources (time, staff, equipment) available. Thus, we have tried to tier the recommendations in a “must do” (1), or “better to do” (2) kind of taxonomy, roughly equivalent to that of IDSA, and based on the healthcare research that has been available to us (which we will freely cite). Then, we “temper” the recommendations based upon feasibility (the proposed Mazzetti Feasibility Taxonomy). This Guidance Document is intended to be a “living” document. We readily aspire to its continuous improvement as more and better data becomes available.

***UPDATED as of September 25, 2020***

Also, please note, this document does not purport to comply with any regulations of any particular AHJ. So many entities are trying to construct temporary healthcare facilities, and in many cases, AHJs are allowing them to use the best possible information available to them. We hope that this document can provide such guidance, but, in all cases, it is necessary to consult with relevant AHJs to ensure avoidance of legal issues.

<Download ‘Guidance for Management of COVID-19 for Healthcare Facilities’ below.>

Guidance for Management of COVID-19 for Healthcare Facilities

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