Associate Principal, Director of Medical Equipment Planning

I joined Mazzetti+GBA (formerly GBA) right after graduating from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. In my eight-year tenure, I advanced from a project coordinator to leading the medial equipment planning for large-scale capital improvement projects and replacement campuses. I took a short hiatus with another firm and recently rejoined Mazzetti+GBA as a Senior Technology Associate.

I like digging into the details of a project, identifying its unique challenges, and working with the design team and owner to develop solutions that deliver measurable value to key stakeholders. I take an analytical approach to problem solving and project management, with a focus on understanding the differing perspectives and priorities of each stakeholder.

My Flipside

I enjoy building furniture with traditional hand tools, carving Scandinavian-styled spoons and bowls, going out to the country on my motorcycle, studying jazz guitar, and painting in the wet-on-wet style of Bob Ross.

I also spend time walking with my wife, Adrienne. and playing with my Greyhound, Falconi. I also volunteer with a local group that helps to move, foster, and rehome retired racing Greyhounds.


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