M+Partner Application

We believe projects are most successful when all project participants are on the same page, with knowledge of design progress, at all times.


M+Partner is Mazzetti+GBA’s custom, web-based application, providing 24/7 access to your project’s progress, in real time. This is one of the added (M+) benefits of working with Mazzetti+GBA, at no additional cost.

–Access M+Partner here–


M+Partner empowers project owners and design teams with access to highly customizable, visual intel, optimized for any device—mobile, tablet, desktop. The design team can quickly access change reports by discipline, snapshots of the Revit model for each space (as well as item images), cut sheets, reports, and space details. As Mazzetti+GBA project managers advance the project, your design team can immediately see results in M+Partner. (The level of transparency and service we have been conditioned to expect as consumers, delivered on your project.)

Our in-house Software Development Studio created and now provides on-going support for M+Partner users. Our clients dually benefit with our in-house knowledge of your project (technology and medical equipment planners) coupled with our in-house developers, so we can quickly address your unique needs. Curious to learn more, contact us.



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