Mazzetti is a global provider of MEPT engineering design and consulting, commissioning, equipment planning, and sustainability services, focusing primarily on healthcare, mission critical, higher education, and science & technology. For this particular RFQ, we are interested in receiving statements of qualifications from Oregon, California, or Indiana certified MBE/WBE/VBE businesses with healthcare experience that also share our values. These subconsultants will be evaluated for potential inclusion on a confidential healthcare project to start in 2016.

Mazzetti may need subconsultants for mechanical/electrical/plumbing/technology engineers, fire protection engineers, lighting design, structural engineers, cost estimators, sustainability consultants, waste management consultants, and facilities conditions assessment consultants.

Due Date: November 25th, 2015 (5:00 p.m. PST)
Single point of contact: Kaitlyn Lange
For more information about Mazzetti, please visit: www.mazzetti.com

Submittal Requirements

Submit a one-page letter of interest: The one-page cover letter must include (i) a brief description of your organization’s client service philosophy, (ii) and your  experience working in healthcare, specifically any experience with academic medical centers.

A firm profile detailing total number of staff, office locations, services offered, and any awards received for recent work

A list of healthcare projects completed in the past 5 years. Please indicate what role you played on the project team and the scope of work your firm completed. (2 page max)

A list of references with phone numbers and email addresses for three projects

Proof of MBE, WBE, or VBE certification

Key staff resumes for 4 individuals, project experience, education, office location, certifications, and current projects and availability in 2016. Please make sure that the staff you propose worked on a majority of the projects listed in your firm heathcare project list.

Please provide hourly billing rates for the 4 individuals proposed.

All documents are to be in PDF format, and emailed with “Statement of Qualifications” in the subject line, to the attention of Kaitlyn Lange at [email protected]. Incomplete and late submittals may not be considered.

Selection Criteria

The qualifications package must be completed with information relevant for Mazzetti to make subconsultant teaming determinations that are in the client’s best interest based on the specialized expertise of your firm, licensing and certification, capacity, past performance, and local availability.

General Conditions

Time estimated to respond to this solicitation is 2-3 hours. All costs of responding to this solicitation are the responsibility of the proposer.



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