The world around us is evolving… so is Mazzetti.


The world is dramatically changing around us. How our industry has operated the past 25 years will look dramatically different in the next 25 years. This includes the need for new expertise, new tools, new policy, etc. We feel strongly we must help catalyze change for our clients’ benefit, for our benefit, for our greater ecosystem’s benefit, and for future generations’ benefit. We must continue to evolve too.

Towards this, we have been expanding our expertise, our knowledge, our impact… We are heightening our focus on positioning clients for a better future. The open right-side of our new ‘M’ logo emphasizes this focus, including the inevitable unknowns in the future. However, it also reflects our drive and optimism in helping shape a better future. This is the spirit of Mazzetti. This is meaningful work (together).

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About Us

We partner with you to envision better environments and deliver on the vision.

We partner with you to anticipate your needs, help you seize opportunities, and solve your most difficult built environment challenges, mindful of your needs, your client’s needs, and our world’s needs.


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