Randall Children’s Family Birth Center


Legacy Emanuel

ZGF Portland

Portland, OR



Lighting Design, MEP

Project Lead:

Lauren Schwade, LC, EDAC, IES

Senior Associate, Senior Lighting Designer

Project Team:

Tuan Tran

Brennan Schumacher, LEED AP

Mazzetti’s role in revolutionizing maternal care at Randall Children’s Hospital represents a commitment to innovation in healthcare design. This 48,000sf project set a goal to create a hotel-like environment as a birth center to make patients feel more comfortable. This state-of-the-art facility used warm finishes and gentle lighting to embrace the patient’s experience. Completed on the ninth floor of the facility, there are generous views and ample daylight. As the lighting designer, our team meticulously crafted a custom exam luminaire, integrating functionality with aesthetic appeal for the newly established Family Birth Center on the 9th floor. This state-of-the-art luminaire is not merely a source of illumination; it embodies versatility with settings for exam mode, ambient lighting, and a soothing nightlight for newborns and mothers alike. This carefully engineered lighting solution supports clinical tasks while contributing to a nurturing environment, a testament to Mazzetti’s innovative foresight in healthcare spaces. The transformation of the hospital extends beyond conventional Layout Delivery Recovery (LDR) and C-Section rooms, enabling obstetricians and pediatric specialists to provide proactive and seamless care. Our advanced approach ensures that the full spectrum of dedicated and specialized care encapsulates patients—the epitome of comfort and modernization in maternity care in Oregon.


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