Pride: Colorful reflections and “gray” projections


As the official LGBTQ+ Pride Month comes to a close, we’re reflecting on what ‘Pride’ means to us. Where are we today in our thinking/perspectives? What can we learn from each other? How can we expand and evolve to be better stewards of DEI values? 

  • Celebrating differences
  • The importance of allyship
  • Celebrating progress and recognizing progress still needed
  • Advocating for equal rights
  • Recognizing personal growth opportunities to be more informed, more open
  • Being comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Personal stories of grief, joy, ah-ha, fear… REAL emotions
  • On a lighter note, enjoying vibrant pride parades!! 

Though we see value in this conversation (thanks to our active DEI committee), actions count. See more here about our action focus areas. Speaking of counting, Author Deborah Stone identifies some of our “mis-uses” of counting, relevant to this conversation. Back to actions… 

In September, we have the honor of welcoming Ellen (Ellie) Krug, to share her remarkable story… 

Because my voice (distinctly masculine) contrasts with my appearance (distinctly feminine), I can talk about how we humans automatically label and categorize people who are “different.” My appearance-voice incongruity also allows me to talk about how I left one group of humans (the “Rich White Man Lawyer Group”) and entered an entirely different group (the “Marginalized Transgender Human-Woman Group”) which impacts my ability to fit in. In essence, with just the words, “I’m transgender” when I came out as the true me in 2009, I began to experience what it means to be “Other” in this society of ours that so easily divides between “us” and “them.” 

Ellie will provide us training, Gray Area Thinking©, on how to be more inclusive and welcoming toward anyone who is considered “different” or “Other”. Interested to join us in September?  Let us knowNOTE: Limited availability for this Mazzetti-hosted event.  

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