Senior Associate, Senior Technology Consultant

I’ve always been interested (curious, you could say) in dissecting electronics to see how they work. As a child, I would deconstruct my electronic toys to get a better view of the circuit boards. I still have that curiosity and love uncovering the “how” of how something operates… how our world operates! This desire to understand how things work has pushed me to pursue professional accreditations that are atypical in my world, including certifications in computer networks, wi-fi, and becoming a Professional Engineer.

My knowledge encompasses the theoretical and the practical — electronics, communication protocols, networks, probability, IT, building codes, best-practices, and emerging trends. My projects span the country and disciplines, including renovations and expansions to large replacement projects. I enjoy applying my knowledge to help clients achieve their business goals.

We are one of the few technology planning firms that includes IT / Communications systems in a holistic database and planning software. I worked closely with our in-house software development team on the design and planning for integrating IT and communications systems into our existing medical equipment planning software. This has led to better visibility for our clients, improved coordination among the design and construction team, more accurate cost estimates, and higher quality deliverables.

My Flipside

Outside of my work at Mazzetti+GBA I teach at the EduMind – School of Professional Engineers. Teaching has been the most rewarding experience of my professional career. I enjoy helping others succeed and the challenge of strengthening my own knowledge.

I also participate in local clean-ups. You wouldn’t believe what people throw on the side of road! The end result make it worthwhile, though.
If I could change the world, I would give people more time: more time to help, relax, learn, travel, create, and spend time with loved ones.


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