CDi Engineers Finalizes its Merge with New Mazzetti Name


Today marks the one-year anniversary of CDi Engineers, in Lynnwood, WA, merging with the nine other Mazzetti offices, headquarters in San Francisco. Today also marks the final formal piece of the merging puzzle—the name. The award-winning MEP firm, twenty miles north of downtown Seattle, is now officially called ‘Mazzetti’.

“The merger between CDi Engineers and Mazzetti, now into our second year, could not have gone any better.  Mazzetti has a similar employee-focused culture in the firm, much like that of CDi’s. Our great staff has helped make the transition essentially seamless.  The merger has allowed us to bring a greater knowledge base to our projects and clients, and additional resources when needed.”  – Norm Brown, Principal, 16 years with CDi and now one with Mazzetti.

Walt Vernon, Mazzetti CEO, reflects on the various mergers since his 23-year tenure with the firm.

“We are trying hard to build a certain kind of company, with a certain kind of people, thus making us ‘choosy’ about what we do. Each merger we’ve done throughout our history has been carefully considered and as a result each has brought something special to enhance who we are. The Seattle office of Mazzetti is no exception; they have an incredible technical ability coupled with a sincere passion for client service. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have them as a part of the Mazzetti family.”

Though today is the official shifting of identify from “CDi+Mazzetti” to being ‘Mazzetti’, the shift has mostly occurred over the past year, according to former CDi and now Mazzetti Principal, Mark Stavig.

“The year has gone so very fast. Normally that means you are busy, attitudes are positive, and the future looks very bright; in this case, that is a perfect description. Company mergers are not easy. But the staff, along with their families, have not only pushed forward, they have embraced the change and seek ways to integrate with the entire company. The future is very bright and we are excited to be part of Mazzetti.”

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