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Strategic Energy Planning


Developing an overarching strategic plan to reduce EUI across a building portfolio

Mazzetti worked with a large hospital system to develop an overarching strategic plan to reduce energy use intensity (EUI) across its building portfolio.

Energy Expertise Beyond the “Engineering”

Our client took a unique approach on its energy journey. While some organizations approach energy reduction by planning specific projects, this client focused on developing a comprehensive strategy to drive its energy future and plan specific projects. They chose Mazzetti for the strategic component, our strong expertise in hospital energy management and our ability to be flexible, nimble and collaborative.  For a project more akin to management consulting, Mazzetti had the engineering expertise and change agent acumen necessary to make it possible.

Establishing a Shared Vision

The client had an energy reduction goal but wanted to take a holistic approach to achieve that goal. Mazzetti and the client worked together to develop and articulate a vision, mission, and shared principles that would help drive the over-arching project.  Mazzetti helped facilitate an interactive workshop that led to articulating a vision of national healthcare energy leadership and principles (values).

Problem Orientation and Opportunity Identification

With an overarching vision, mission and principles, the client could evaluate how current ways of working aligned (or did not align) with their mission.  The client held a “focus group” to hear from their consultant community. Mazzetti led internal meetings to discern people’s understanding of their roles as they related to energy and determined structures that could best align with the organization.

Mazzetti analyzed the findings, worked with the client, and suggested governance structures and accountabilities to align strategy, operating model and execution with the new energy vision.   

Identifying Key Strategic Management Levers

Mazzetti identified strategic levers the client could use to expedite its energy future.

Finance: Mazzetti facilitated conversations to understand the client’s financial tolerance, conducting an A3 analysis (Healthcare process improvement model), and suggested viable financing options to explore expedited energy project investments.

Data: Too much data can actually be counterproductive. Mazzetti analyzed how the organization was using data and recommended ways to make the data actionable to empower people within the new operating model.

New Buildings: Mazzetti identified areas in the current building process that could be leveraged to produce energy efficient buildings.

Behavior: Mazzetti helped the client plan and take initial successful steps to reduce energy use through occupant behavioral awareness.

Leadership: Mazzetti helped the client think through and plan how it could be among local and/or national leaders in healthcare energy reduction.

Engaging leaders across the country

Mazzetti interviewed and continues to interview healthcare energy management gurus across the country to inform the solutions we provided our client. We tailored best practices to the client’s perspective.  We provide this unique perspective to all our clients.

Flexibility and nimbleness

The client’s energy strategy champion changed roles just as the project was ending and this led to other internal changes.  Portions of the strategy that were not embedded no longer had the necessary driver to get them embedded.  Mazzetti is currently working with the client to modify deliverables so that the strategy can be driven forward despite this change.

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