Dynamic Gas Scavenging System (DGSS®)

Eliminating wasted energy and paying for performance

The Dynamic Gas Scavenging System (DGSS®) dramatically reduces energy consumption and costs in operating rooms. When DGSS® valve technology is installed in hospitals’ anesthetic gas systems, it decreases energy use by up to 95%, saving 4,000 Wh per operating room annually. Mazzetti is working with DGSS® inventor Dr. James Berry, anesthesiologist and founder of Anesthetic Gas Reclamation (AGR) to pilot and sell this innovative technology, because it closely aligns with our mission to create better environments. In addition to energy reduction, installation reduces maintenance costs, frequency of system servicing, and water consumption, while adding capacity to the system – quickly paying back the cost of installation. This new technology – the first innovation in anesthetic gas systems in 30 years – brings benefits to a hospital’s bottom line, to patients and staff, and to the wider community.

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