Associate, Mechanical Engineer

I began in mechanical engineering in 1998. I specialize in sustainability, energy modeling, bulk airflow analysis, climate analysis, and ELCCA reporting that helps inform the “right” mechanical system approaches for projects. I have participated in many project eco-charrettes as a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor, and have established long-lasting relationships with utility energy managers throughout Washington.

Internally, I keep Mazzetti staff up-to-date on innovative projects, what’s new in healthcare, code updates, ASHRAE resources, and upcoming events. I have also developed an in-house standard for researching/pursuing rebates and incentives for each project as it comes into our office. We track the total amount of incentive dollars we have helped owners realize that have also enabled energy-efficient measures to be incorporated based on a ROI analysis funded by rebate/incentive programs.

I keep Mazzetti staff up-to-date on innovative projects, what’s new in healthcare, code updates, ASHRAE resources, and upcoming events.

Some of my notable work includes having served as project manager for the Seattle Fire Station #2 Renovation, one of the first Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) projects in Seattle. I worked closely with the Seattle Department of Planning and Development to inform changes in the code that specifically address VRF mechanical systems.

My publications include, “Can Buildings Be Free of Fossil Fuels by 2030?” in the Daily Journal of Commerce (2007). I have also been included in: “Pacesetters for May 19,”DJC Oregon (2006); “Mechanical engineers hop aboard the green bandwagon” by Julaine Fleetwood, DJC (2006); “How BIM helped a hospital go green” by Todd Bovey,DJC (2008); “Want LEED credits for your lights?  Plan early” by Randy Fisher, DJC(2009); “Controls and Exterior Tactics for efficient illumination” by C.C. Sullivan and Adam Sullivan, AIA Continuing Education (2013).


My Flipside

Outside of the office, I travel with my husband, am active with my grandchildren, read, and work on home renovation projects. I love being outdoors and working in my garden. I was born in Seattle, Washington, and raised in Riverside, California.

I got involved in the construction industry as co-owner of a woman-owned commercial painting company. I decided to go back to school when my children were small to get my mechanical engineering degree with the encouragement and support of my husband. I completed school just in time for my oldest child to start at the University of Washington.

If I could change the world, I’d have no more wars!  My son served in the US Army as a medic and was deployed in Iraq for 15 months.

I try to be green at home as well as at work. I eat healthy, exercise at least 3 days/week, make sustainable home renovations, and regularly volunteer. I have always volunteered, at times serving as a Cub Scout leader, Girl Scout leader, preschool parent coordinator, kid sports/activities volunteer, PTA member, and volunteer for professional organizations.


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