Senior Associate, Senior Lighting Designer


Lighting Design

I have over 16 years of lighting design experience and have worked in multiple major cities including Philadelphia, NYC, and Milwaukee for prestigious firms such as GWA Lighting, Francis Cauffman Architects, and SBLD Studio. Four years of this was spent at Visa Lighting in WI, where I learned and gained experience on the manufacturing/sales side and became an expert in healthcare education, product and design. Although I have worked on numerous projects including, commercial, hospitality, retail, education, exterior façade, and site lighting, my focus and passion has always been and remains healthcare design. I love that I can take all my past work experiences and education to help inspire, create, and partner with other healthcare experts from all industries to create healing environments for future generations.

I am LC and EDAC certified and a dedicated board member of the WIH GA Chapter and IES Healthcare Committee, currently updating the IES Lighting for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities, RP-29 Document. Did I mention I’m a healthcare nerd? I love reading, researching, and following the latest news on anything to do with light & health. This all stems from my education in Interior Design at Philadelphia University — my thesis on a Children’s Outpatient Rehab Center was inspired by a dear family member who spent many childhood years in and out of hospitals. I have had countless opportunities to specialize in this field, and I’m so grateful to be here, having the ability to share and grow with Mazzetti!

My current home is Decatur, GA working out of our Atlanta office although I gladly support our offices and projects nationwide.

My Flipside

When I’m not “nerding out” about lighting, I spend time with my family, being a full-time mommy of 3.

My husband is a lighting product designer, with an industrial design background, currently working for Acuity lighting. Lighting is a part of our family you might say.

In our free time (I think I remember those days) we both work on our house renovation projects and fight over whose design is better! Lately our kitchen renovation has taken a backseat to the ultimate backyard playground though. If I can squeeze in cycling, fire pit nights, or attend local weekend festivals and farmers markets with the kiddos, we take full advantage. We also try and see our family all over the country as much as possible and have perfected the minivan road trip with littles in the car. Life is pretty busy these days, but I wouldn’t change it for the world!


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