Women of Mazzetti–It’s your time, and we’re committed!


Women comprise 48% of the total U.S. workforce (per the Census Bureau’s 2009 American Community Survey); however, women only account for 24% of the STEM workforce (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Mazzetti is unsatisfied with this reality. Thus, why we have recognized and prioritized inclusivity, with a specific focus on female inclusivity. We recognize this indispensable relation to our innovative capacity and global competitiveness. We regularly review our operations, policies, and overall culture regarding impact on our female population. And, we are making progress!

Mazzetti has been practicing the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP) for the last few years. The Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP) is a product of collaboration between UN Women and the UN Global Compact a program offering guidance towards empowering women in the workplace, marketplace, and community. Based on the “Seven Woman Empowering Principals”, Mazzetti has taken necessary steps to align with UN Global Compact strategies towards human rights, labor, and gender equality business goals.

Mazzetti believes that investing in women yields a host of positive effects on business and sustained economic growth. Therefore, as a company we are giving special interests to grow our knowledge and concerns to bring out the best.

(Officially) two years ago, Mazzetti started the journey towards WEP. Towards this, we have been tracking our percentage of female staff. With the guidance of WEP principles, the percentage of Mazzetti female staff has steadily increased over a couple years.


We acknowledge that the WEP guideline has encouraged us tremendously, growth wise. Below is a graph, illustrating how Mazzetti improved through time to establish gender-equal policies. This analysis is based on strategic approaches, implementation, commitments, measuring and reporting progress of integrated gender throughout the business operations and policies under Mazzetti’s corporate practices.

graph one

Below is a roadmap, illustrating the spectrum of areas of improvement and excellence.


Next Steps: Continue to cultivate a more female-friendly work environment. Specifically, we will focus on the following areas in 2018:

  • Access to quality health services for female employees.
  • Providing professional development and promotional support to female employees.
  • Applying a gender “lens” to community relations.

In addition to our internal focus, we will explicitly ensure our external deliverables and interactions reflect similarly.

And, we will evaluate our progress quarterly–increasing our accountability toward being the most female-friendly engineering and technology consulting firm in the country. We’re committed!

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